What is JAGZ MTB?

JAGZ MTB is a mobile app that allows mountain bikers from around the world to connect and meet with other mountain bikers based on geographic region and mountain biking style/interest. It works similarly to a “dating” app allowing users (“Travelers”) to book time with locals (“Gurus”) through the App. Travelers can also find and book mountain bike tours with professional tour companies and guides.

What is a Guru?

A Guru is a mountain biker with local knowledge of a particular area that wants to be introduced to other mountain bikers with similar interests from around the world.

What isn't a Guru?

A Guru is not a mountain biking guide or tour operator. Gurus are simply mountain biking enthusiasts, willing to spend time with other mountain bikers. Travelers looking for professional mountain bike tour companies and guide services can also find and book those through the App.

How does a Guru make money?

Once you register to be a Guru, you create a personal profile and a calendar of availability. You also set a price per hour for your time, which is completely at your discretion. Travelers that are interested in your Guru profile can book a meeting with you, and pay for a block of your time through the App. You and the Traveler can communicate through the App, making whatever arrangements you both agree on. After the meeting occurs, the Guru will receive 75 percent of the total fee, and MTBguru receives 25 percent. Travelers will be able to rate and provide reviews of their Guru, and vice versa.

What about permits?

JAGZ MTB has no input on what a Guru and Traveler decide to do, or where they go, during their time together. Rather, it is simply a platform to introduce mountain bikers. As with all things in life, users should be sure to comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

What are the costs to the User?

Each Traveler has the ability to select a Guru that matches their preferred criteria, including location, price and date/time availability. Travelers are simply paying for the Guru’s time. Some Gurus charge $10 per hour, others may charge more than $30 per hour. The App is available for free in both the Apple and Android stores. Travelers are only charged if they actually book a meeting with a Guru.

What if a Traveler wants the services of professional mountain bike guide and/or a licensed mountain bike guiding service?

Travelers can search the profiles on JAGZ MTB in the geographic area in which they are interested. Look for “PROtrip”, which will appear at the top of the results.